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Passionate about French chic, ambassadress Katherina Marx surrounds herself with major figures from the worlds of fashion,...
Al dente
A digest of culinary delights, good humour and gourmet culture that will teach you to make all of the dishes on the menu.
Épicerie fine - terroirs gourmands
In each episode, Guy Martin presents a new French region and promotes one of its most prized local products. The Michelin-...
Jardins et loisirs
Luc Noël passes on his passion for gardening and offers practical advice for cultivating, improving and decorating gardens.
L'art de la table
Tableware is a popular field for designers. Using new materials and new designs, they combine boldness, innovation and ele...
Le goût du pays
Along the roads of Canada, from St John's to Victoria, Vincent Graton is taken in by the lure of wonderful dishes.
''L'Epicerie'' is a must for anybody who is interested in what is on their plate and everything to do with food.
Les escapades de Petitrenaud
Jean-Luc Petitrenaud meets the best French chefs, touring French regions and discovering their specialties.
Midi en France
Every week, Laurent Boyer and his team discover a different town and unveil the artistic, culinary and historical wealth a...
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