TV Series 


Odessa, Afghanistan. Sacha, the Black Cats' leader has been killed. Sergeant Dostali replaces him as head of the group. At the same time, Julie Tavin, a journalist covering the troops' departure, arrives at the camp. The soldiers will have to put up with having her around.

Direction, screenplay: Fred Scotlande (France, 2016)

Cast: Charlie Bruneau (Julie), Olivier Charasson (Padre), Arthur Defays (Gueule d'ange), Gwendolyn Gourvenec (Gaultier), Grégory Montel (Bellech), Fred Scotlande (Dostali), Fabrice Scott (Ghost), Sébastien Lalanne (Berchaye), Damien Bonnard (Ben), Blaide Ba (N'Goma), Bastien Bernini (Al), Paco Boublard (Toledano), Guillaume Carcaud (Bronsky)

Genre: drama
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