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The body of a tourist is found. Who was she? Why did she come to Corsica on a one-way ticket. The case introduces Ange Renucci to his new deputy Sébastien Le Tallec. Breton, of African descent and unyielding, he is Renucci's polar opposite.
Directed by: Olivier Guignard (France, 2014)
Screenplay: Marc-Antoine Laurent, Mathieu Fabiani
Cast: Gérard Darmon (Ange Renucci), Yann Gael (Sébastien Le Tallec), Didier Ferrari (Toussaint Marchioni), Jeanne Bournaud (Lise Darcourt), Chloé Stefani (Joséphine Vissac), Nathanaël Maïni (Paul Versini)
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