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Unjust rewards Nathan Joliez hates his business partner, Marc Livi, the majority shareholder in the company they founded together. Fearing dismissal, he decides to kill Marc. His plan: fabricate a non-existent plot against him. When the body is found, everything points to him... But he has an alibi...

Directed by: Didier Le Pêcheur (France, 2017)

Screenplay: Didier Le Pêcheur, Delphine Labouret

Cast: Isabelle Gélinas (Agnès), Arthur Mazet (Thibaud), Frank Adrien (Philippe), Laurent Fernandez (Micha), Thomas Walch (Max), Frédéric Diefenthal (Nathan), Tonin Palazzotto (Marc), Pierre Lopez (José), Marion Koen (Élodie), Juliette Chen (Magali), Jean-Marc Catella (Antoine Ferracci)

Genre: detective

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