TV Series 


Valentine Dhénaut has established a law firm specializes in cybercrime. With the aide of a virtuoso on Internet, his stepsister and Théo, a genius of new technology laws, she begins the conquest of this new far west. Meaning : an awe-inspiring and connected team.

Directed by: Alain Brunard (Belgium, 2017)

Screenplay: Sophie Kovess-Brun, Erwan Augoyard

Cast: Olivia Harkay (Valentine Dhénaut), Raphaëlle Bruneau (Fran Gerrits), Adrien Letartre (Théo Jacobs), Esteban Gomez-Navarro (Bartho), Émilie Franco (Julia), Isabelle Roelandt (Agnès), Salomé Degeer (Léa), Fabio Zenoni (Simon), Isis Guillaume (Kim), Joël Hortegat (Mr Bertrand), Mathilde Pigeolet (Marie)

Genre: detective

Parental guidance: TV-14

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