In each episode of “Épicerie fine”, Guy Martin presents a new French region and promotes one of its most prized local products. The Michelin-starred chef meets the people who produce, rear, grow, fish and prepare the very best that French cuisine has to offer, and shares some invaluable tips.
Presented by: Guy Martin.
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Sat 20/0713:19, Sun 21/0715:52, Thu 25/0714:30
Episode 32/35
Snails and chaource cheese in the Côte des Bar A few kilometres from Troyes, in the Côte des Bar wine-growing area, Jennifer breeds the snails so appreciated in French gastronomy. Lionel Dosne, is one of the last remaining producers of farmhouse chaource, the cheese famed for is soft paste and velvety white rind. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Sat 27/0713:19, Sun 28/0715:52, Thu 01/0814:31
Episode 33/35
Crapaudine beetroot and cognac from Saintonge In the region around Saintes, Jean-Sébastien Robiquet makes cognac and is working to promote the liqueur by showcasing independent distillers from each "terroir". Flavien Petit is one of the last five growers of the crapaudine beetroot, a French heritage vegetable, longer than the more common round beetroot and much sweeter. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Sat 03/0813:11, Sun 04/0815:53, Thu 08/0814:29
Episode 34/35
Goat cheese and herbs in Morocco In the province of Tétouan, northern Morocco, Abdellah Karimi produces a goat cheese using traditional methods and all the know-how of his forebears. Whilst Zineb El Hacham grows the herbs sold by a cooperative of independent, politically-committed women. Presented by: Guy Martin.



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