In each episode of “Épicerie fine”, Guy Martin presents a new French region and promotes one of its most prized local products. The Michelin-starred chef meets the people who produce, rear, grow, fish and prepare the very best that French cuisine has to offer, and shares some invaluable tips.
Presented by: Guy Martin.
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Thu 14/1114:29
Episode 10/20
Balagne In Balagne, northern Corsica, the flavours of this beautiful French island express all their character. Olive oil, brocciu cheese, wine, honey and essential oils from the maquis invite themselves to your table. We meet olive growers, sheep farmers, bee keepers and other enthusiastic producers, singing the praises of their land. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Sat 16/1119:00, Thu 21/1114:30
Episode 11/20
The region around the Rance and Saint-Malo We explore the Brittany coast, around the Rance and Saint-Malo. Here, heritage apple varieties are being grown to produce a pale-coloured cider with delicate bubbles, those who love their terroir are trying their hand at smoking scallops and local producers sell vegetables, cheese and oysters directly to the consumer. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Sat 23/1119:00, Thu 28/1114:30
Episode 12/20
The Sologne Bourbonnaise The Sologne Bourbonnaise, in the Allier, is a fertile seedbed not only for plants but for small farmers as well. Here traditions are handed-down the generations and continued by town-dwellers moving to the countryside. From market-gardening to plant nurseries, beer and classic delicatessen meats, the Sologne Bourbonnaise is born anew! Presented by: Guy Martin.



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