Teams consisting of six celebrities compete for the keys that grant access to the treasure room of Fort Boyard. Each team plays for a charity.
Presented by: Olivier Minne.
Next airing time:
Sun 18/0821:04
Episode 7/10
"Imag'in" Team With: Artus, comedian; Ariane Brodier, presenter, comedian and actress; Cartman, singer, radio presenter and producer; Hugo Clément, journalist; Valérie Damidot, presenter and actress; Alexandra Rosenfeld, Miss France 2006. The "Imag'in" charity promotes access to education for children from deprived areas. Presented by: Olivier Minne (season 29, France, 2018)
Sun 25/0821:05
Episode 8/10
"Juste Humain" Team With: Ève Angeli, singer; Claudio Capéo, singer; Camille Lellouche, comedian and singer; Jean-Baptiste Marteau, journalist; Slimane, singer; Franck Vincent, singer. The "Juste Humain" charity offers a cultural and artistic escape for hospitalised children suffering from cancer or other serious disease. Presented by: Olivier Minne (season 29, France, 2018)
Sun 01/0921:05
Episode 9/10
"Les Bonnes Fées" Team With: Sébastien Cauet, presenter; Camille Cerf, Miss France 2015; Maëva Coucke, Miss France 2018; Maxime Guény, journalist and columnist; Pascal Salviani, candidate of Koh-Lanta; Michael Simeoni, presenter. The "Les Bonnes Fées" charity helps deprived people or those who are isolated or ill. Presented by: Olivier Minne (season 29, France, 2018)





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