Acoustic is the “can’t-miss” music program broadcasted each week with a special guest artist featured from the French-speaking musical industry.

Host: Sébastien Folin

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Wed 01/0322:21
Episode 25/40
Guests: Tryo. You'd never guess from the name but Tryo is actually a quartet. This French reggae group is back with their seventh studio album, "Vent debout". The hard-hitting lyrics take a critical look at society while the cheerful reggae melodies offer a welcome change of scenery. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 04/0318:28, Wed 08/0322:20
Episode 26/40
Guest: Vianney. Already voted as performing artist of the year in 2016, Vianney recently scooped a Victoire de la Musique in the "Original Song of the Year" category for "Je m'en vais". After "Idées blanches" in 2014, this young French singer-songwriter and performer released an eponymous album in November 2016. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 11/0318:31, Wed 15/0322:37
Episode 27/40
Acoustic is the unmissable music programme that each week plays host to an artist from the French-speaking musical scene. Presented by: Sébastien Folin ; directed by: Philippe Sommet.





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