Acoustic is the “can’t-miss” music program broadcasted each week with a special guest artist featured from the French-speaking musical industry.

Host: Sébastien Folin

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Sat 24/0818:30, Wed 28/0822:28
Episode 35/44
Guests: Therapie TAXI. Adélaïde, Raphaël and Renaud are Therapie TAXI. The group emerged from the French pop scene with a number of disturbed and disturbing tracks, spicing up the French acoustic song genre with electro and punk rock rhythms. Their first album, "Hit sale", came out in February 2018. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 31/0818:32, Wed 04/0922:22, Sat 07/0918:30
Episode 26/45
Guest: Blick Bassy. The Cameroonian singer, composer, guitarist and percussionist Blick Bassy reveals "1958". After "Akö", this new album offers a musical style between indie folk and afro blues and renders a vibrant tribute to Ruben Um Nyobè, the independence leader assassinated by the French army in 1958. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.