After the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the manager, the veterinarian and four of the care team from La Flèche Zoo visit the Namibian Savanna, where they join a team of local rangers trained by Sergio Lopez, Manager of the NGO Wildlife Angels.

Directed by: Jean-Christophe de Revière (France, 2016)
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Mon 23/0719:33
Episode 4/6
Episode 4 The Namibian rangers leave the camp, leaving Sergio to deal with the team from La Flèche zoo. They then embark on a long walk to learn survival techniques in the bush. Two of the care staff leave Namibia after visiting the country's largest nature reserve, Etosha national park. Directed by: Jean-Christophe de Revière (France, 2016)
Mon 30/0719:27, Tue 31/0704:05
Episode 5/6
Episode 5 We're off to Erindi, the country's largest and best-known private reserve. There, a surprise awaits the team: Fanny and Raphaël, the managers of the Lola Ya Bonobo reserve. An opportunity for Sabrina to finally see her first wild elephants, and for Thibaut, his first lions. Directed by: Jean-Christophe de Revière (France, 2016)
Mon 06/0819:28, Tue 07/0804:05
Episode 6/6
Episode 6 The final part of the journey! The team leave the hot Namibian bush and head for Cape Cross on the coast. There, the adventurers discover tens of thousands of fur seals. Finally, they go to sea with a scientist who studies the different dolphin populations along the coast. Directed by: Jean-Christophe de Revière (France, 2016)



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