Two young Polynesians want to solve the mystery of their origins and understand how their ancestors conquered the Pacific.

Directed by: Guillaume Lévis (France, 2017)

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SAT 11/1           2:31 pm - New Delhi Time (GMT+5.5)
                         4:01 pm - Bangkok Time (GMT+7)
                         5:01 pm - Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)

MON 13/1        4:04 am - New Delhi Time (GMT+5.5)
                        5:34 am - Bangkok Time (GMT+7)
                        6:34 am - Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)

THU 16/1         9:30 am - New Delhi Time (GMT+5.5)
                        11:00 am - Bangkok Time (GMT+7)
                        12:00 noon - Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)


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Episode 2/2
Polynesia, in the wake of the ancestors An interwoven cameo of two young Polynesians seeking to better understand their ancestors, but for different reasons. Kyle Chung is a sixth-form student born in Papeete to a Chinese family. Teiva Noarii comes from a traditional fishing family in Moorea and dances with the Tahiti Ora Ballet company. An encounter. Directed by: Guillaume Lévis (France, 2017)
Fri 24/0105:25
Episode 1/2
Polynesia, the outrigger from the sky 40 million years ago, volcanic eruptions in the Pacific gave rise to the islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. Arriving from far away, man settled there and created an alliance with the sea. Their descendants share their myths and culture, and a mystery: that of their origins. Directed by: Guillaume Lévis (France, 2017)