The show combines information on both local and faraway destinations. Each programme is focused on a particular location which has been chosen for its architectural beauty or natural wonders. The show presents the story of a country, a civilisation, a period in time or of significant historical figures.

Presented by: Carole Gaessler.
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Mon 26/0220:54, Wed 28/0223:00
Episode 2/10
From the Beaujolais hills to those of Ardèche We fly across the Beaujolais region accompanied by Bruno Rousselle, who is studying it for a major project: the Beaujolais area hopes to become a geopark, the UNESCO label recognising a region´s geological attractions. The flight begins with the huge plains of the Val de Saône. Directed by: Sandra Malfait (France, 2015)
Mon 05/0320:52, Wed 07/0323:00
Episode 3/10
Along the Durance, from Hautes-Alpes to Provence The Durance is Provence´s main river. At 324 km in length, it rises in the Alps, crosses Haute-Provence and joins the Rhône near Avignon. Feared for its unpredictable and devastating flooding it has always been viewed as a scourge in Provence. Directed by: Saléha Gherdane (France, 2015)





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