The show combines information on both local and faraway destinations. Each programme is focused on a particular location which has been chosen for its architectural beauty or natural wonders. The show presents the story of a country, a civilisation, a period in time or of significant historical figures.

Presented by: Carole Gaessler.
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Mon 23/1020:54, Wed 25/1023:01
Episode 5/10
Across Savoy´s landscapes In the south of Savoy, an impressive line of five fortresses controls access to the Maurienne Valley. The Esseillon forts were built by the Savoyards in the 19th century to protect them from French invasion. The mountain guide Patrick Col displays a genuine passion for this site. Directed by: François Cardon (France, 2015)
Mon 13/1120:53, Wed 15/1123:05
Episode 1/2
Kings and builders Special episode from the Château de Versailles about extraordinary builders: Louis XIV, and also the Egyptian pharaohs. In this episode: - Versailles, passionately - The pharaohs' secret world Presented by: Carole Gaessler.
Mon 20/1120:54
Episode 6/10
A tour of Brittany, from Rennes to the Crozon peninsula Discovering Brittany means travelling through the heart of the land and getting to know its character: the wooded countryside of Ille-et-Vilaine, the city of Rennes, the Arrée hills, the Black Mountains and its many rivers... A 300-kilometre journey taking you from the border to the Crozon peninsula. Directed by: Emmanuel Roblin (France, 2015)





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