The show combines information on both local and faraway destinations. Each programme is focused on a particular location which has been chosen for its architectural beauty or natural wonders. The show presents the story of a country, a civilisation, a period in time or of significant historical figures.

Presented by: Carole Gaessler.
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Mon 03/0620:55, Wed 05/0622:59
Episode 5/6
The Louvre pyramid celebrates its 30th birthday! The Louvre, which broke its visitor record in 2018 with more than 10 million visits, celebrates the 30th birthday of its pyramid, designed by the architect Pei. To mark the anniversary, Carole Gaessler takes us to the room housing the Mona Lisa and then to the department of Egyptian antiquities. Programme summary: - A pyramid in the heart of the palace - The Louvre from the inside - Sudan, on the trail of the pharaohs: the mysteries of the Kushite civilisation Presented by: Carole Gaessler.
Mon 10/0620:54, Wed 12/0622:55
Episode 7/11
The Southern Alps A journey in the Southern Alps, visiting the valleys and canyons of the Ubaye and the Roya, dotted with forts and hilltop villages. Discovery of the `Petit Colorado' hike trail near Nice, Entrevaux Citadel, the Train des Pignes, the Château de La Verdière, Barcelonnette, the frescos of Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines chapel, etc. Directed by: Myriam Elhadad (France, 2016)





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