C’est là is a discovery magazine to show us that it is possible to have extraordinary trips in the region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Gaëlle Grandon is our travel guide to go on some amazing adventures, meet different people and share unique experiences with us.

Presented by: Gaëlle Grandon
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Sun 22/0922:26
Episode 13/24
The salt trail Between the Doubs and the Jura, salt springs forth from the land and has shaped it over the centuries. From the Middle Ages to the 1960s, it was ceaselessly extracted by heating brine in large pans of which today only those at Salins-Les-Bains remain. Presented by: Gaëlle Grandon.
Tue 24/0916:30
Episode 14/24
Escapade in the Morvan Take a deep breath of fresh air in the Morvan! The exhilarating landscape of lakes and mountains attracts nature-lovers and guarantees a relaxing change of scenery! Presented by: Gaëlle Grandon.
Sat 12/1013:37
Episode 1/18
Chalon Dans La Rue We head off to Chalon-sur-Saône to discover one of the largest festivals of street theatre in France, "Chalon Dans La Rue". We meet some of the artists, festival-goers, organisers and passers-by that make this one of the unmissable summer events in Burgundy. Presented by: Gaëlle Grandon.