Small or large, isolated or grouped, well-known or secret, the islands are places that inspire dreams. This is why the travel industry has made those places recommended vacation spots. Journey around the globe to discover the islands’ reality of today.

Presented by: Sophie Fouron.
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Mon 19/0805:26
Episode 6/13
Cuba Cuba is an inspiring island, steeped in culture, which makes it a favourite tourist destination despite its system of rationing basic goods. But this situation has led to great creativity amongst the inhabitants who have developed eco-agriculture and an increasingly prosperous private sector. Presented by: Sophie Fouron.
Sat 24/0816:50, Fri 30/0812:02, Mon 02/0905:26
Episode 8/13
Bali Bali is a little Hindu enclave in the heart of Indonesia that touches visitors by its landscapes and its people. But, with the ever-growing tourism industry, the inhabitants of Bali must adjust to preserve the harmonious balance which they hold so dear. Presented by: Sophie Fouron.
Mon 26/0805:30
Episode 7/13
Okinawa Okinawa is a little piece of paradise which has the highest rate of hundred-year-old inhabitants in the world. The atmosphere on the island is relaxed and the local culture seems to serenely adjust to the changing times. Presented by: Sophie Fouron.



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