Two competitors participate in an orienteering race in the heart of a French region. Objective: To solve the puzzles to find the compass rose to gain access to the treasure room. All questions are related to the culture, geography, history or traditions of the territory.

Presented by: Cyril Féraud.

Directed by: Francis Coté, Carlos Simoes (France, 2018)

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Sun 18/0816:27
Episode 8/8
The Seine-et-Marne The candidates, Amélie and Sid, visit some of the most beautiful and surprising châteaux in the Seine-et-Marne. They follow the rivers to discover the secrets of navigating the inland waterways, a tradition firmly anchored in the department. Finally they travel back through time in the mediaeval town of Provins... Presented by: Cyril Féraud. Directed by: Anthony Ricard, Carlos Simoes (France, 2019)



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