A charred body is found in Brocéliande Forest with a shocked but silent 13-year-old boy next to it. What is he doing there? How is he involved? Two police officers and an unconventional child psychiatrist put their thinking caps on in an attempt to clear up the mystery.

Directed by: Vincent Giovanni (France, 2016)

Screenplay: Yann Le Gal, Virginie Brami

Cast: Claire Keim (Marie Delorme), Fred Bianconi (Éric Jourdain), François Vincentelli (Romain Delorme), Carole Bianic (Élodie Lemeur), Yanis Richard (Kilian Morvan), Féodor Atkine (Yvon Delorme), Nadia Fossier (Émilie Le Guennec), Francis Renaud (Mathieu Le Guennec) 
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