Since the age of 7, Alex is set on winning the heart of Sandra Valenti, the loveliest girl in the world! Devoid of seductive talent, but determined to approach her at last, he decides to seek help from Antoine Chamoine, the man who charmed Sandra's mother 20 years earlier.

Directed by: Pascal Bourdiaux (France, 2013)

Cast: Kev Adams (Alex), Franck Dubosc (Antoine Chamoine), Nora Arnezeder (Sandra Valenti), Helena Noguerra (Monica), Valérie Benguigui (Sophie), Alice Isaaz (Elie), Laurent Bateau (Benoît Legrand), Arto Barussaud (Antoine as a child)

Genre: comedy
Next airing time:
Thu 30/0820:55, Mon 03/0922:59, Fri 07/0901:01



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