Acoustic is the “can’t-miss” music program broadcasted each week with a special guest artist featured from the French-speaking musical industry.

Host: Sébastien Folin

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Tue 27/0202:31, Wed 28/0222:30
Episode 24/40
Guest: Mademoiselle K From sadness springs forth hope. Mademoiselle K has released "Sous les brûlures l´incandescence intacte", her fifth album, inspired by a failed relationship. After "Hungry Dirty Baby", an opus which exuded anger, the French rocker reveals new facets of her talent, singing in her native tongue once again. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 03/0318:30, Wed 07/0322:25
Episode 25/40
Guest: Tim Dup Aged just 23, the French singer Tim Dup, who is also a composer and pianist, presents his dreams and doubts, keenly observing the banality of daily life. The result is his first album "Mélancolie heureuse", a combination of slam, rap, electro and French variety songs. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 10/0318:30, Wed 14/0322:21
Episode 26/40
Guest: Nosfell The rock musician and singer Nosfell appeared around 2004 with an imaginatively creative world all his own. After "Amour massif", "Echo Zulu" is his fifth album, and one which is superbly symmetrical, with five tracks in French, five in English and "Ricochets", which is bilingual. Presented by: Sébastien Folin ; directed by: Philippe Sommet.





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