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Today, our Japanese blogger Mayu, who is based in Paris, will introduce her recipe for the Strawberry soup. This soup is perfect for summer and is a good alternative if you are looking for a fruity dessert and not to sweet. On top of being delicious, Mayu’s Strawberry Soup recipe is very quick and simple to prepare. So what are we waiting for? Let’s start:


There are over 600 varieties of strawberries in the world!
In Japan, one of the varieties is called “AMA-OU” and literally means “sweet King”. 
What about in France?
The best variety for an early production is the ‘Gariguette’. It is an orange-red, slim and small (kind of an elongated shape). The flesh is juicy, tangy and very fragrant. If we compare the Japanese variety with the French one, the Ama-ou would be the king, and the Gariguette the princess. It's cute, isn't it? ☺


At Mayu’s Kitchen in Paris, I made a wonderful dessert, which is the Strawberry Soup.  You’ll be amazed to discover that just few ingredients can create such a spectacular dessert! This bright red chilled soup will undeniably become a new summertime favorite! 


Recipe for the Strawberry soup (with blender)
2 cups hulled and sliced fresh or (thawed) frozen strawberries
Some sugar (quantity up to your taste)
1 tbsp. of brandy, kirsch, or other liquor (optional)
1/2 to 1 cup orange juice (optional)
For the topping (optional):
Whipped cream or Greek yogurt or Fromage blanc or Ricotta cheese
Black pepper,
Fresh mint sprigs

In a blender, combine all the ingredients except for the whipped topping until smooth.
Ladle the soup into the bowls and dollop some whipped topping onto it. 
Garnish with black pepper, or mint, if desired.
Strawberry lovers should carry on reading: 
There are around 3000 strawberry producers in France. French people love strawberries and rank them among their favorite fruits! Each year, a French person will eat around 3.7 kg of strawberries… 
Strawberries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants
Existing varieties: The Gariguette, as introduced by Mayu, is a star among all varieties. There are also the Cigaline (more orange color), the Pajaro (red color, firm), the Darselect (light red, round), the Ciflorette (heart shape, bright red color, quite firm), the Mara des Bois (light red, very sweet).  


You might also have heard of the “Fraises de Plougastel”? What are they? 
Thanks to Sir Amédée François Frézier, a marine engineer, who brought back to France 5 strawberry roots from Chili in 1714. He first planted then in the Botanical garden in Brest (West France), then in Plougastel (close from Brest). These roots were combined to varieties from Virginia and thanks to an exceptional microclimate, the Fraises de Plougastel became a real success!!!

Now, which one is your favourite? What are the famous varieties of strawberries in your country? What do you think about this recipe? Please leave us your comments using Twitter and Facebook. We thank you for reading this article.

You can check the original article here   

Mayu is a Japanese chef, a host of Mayu’s Kitchen in Paris, a food analyst, and vegetable nutritionist. As a food nomad, born in Japan, then she moved to many countries, North America, Mexico, UK, France and Japan.

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