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10/03/201512:18 Mayu-Kitchen

This recipe has been published by Mayu’s Kitchen in Paris on Valentines Day. Who said we should wait until next year Valentines? If we could we would bake this cake every day…  Thanks Mayu! 


Happy Valentines!  Mayu's Kitchen in Paris – presents a “Special” today! “Clément Faugier” has been making this “marron cream” or "crème de marrons" for a long and long time. Everyone knows & loves this cream in France. To be honest, this cream is super sweet! I am not sure how much sugar there is in a tablespoon… And at the same time, I cannot stop eating because it is so good!!!
Well, as I am a cooking instructor, I cannot teach my students to “eat from the can”…  Chocolate fondant with this marron cream is excellent!
In 1938 
Clement Faugier created the brand mascot: Marono! He is a character dressed in bug chestnuts and chestnut leaves.

Moelleux au chocolat & son coeur coulant à la crème de marrons
Melting Chocolate cake with Marron cream


100 g of chocolate dessert
80-100 g butter
2 large eggs
50g sugar
30 g flour
sea salt grains (fleur de sel)
4 tablespoons chestnut cream preparation

  1. Melt in bain-marie the chocolate, butter and sea salt
  2. Mix in a bowl the eggs and sugar.
  3. Add the melted chocolate, then the flour. Whisk together
  4. Pour into individual ramekins that you have previously buttered and floured, adding in each one, one spoonful of chestnut cream.
  5. Bake for 10 to 15 min at 190 ℃. Remove from the pan and serve immediately.
* If you use 2 medium eggs, the recipe is 80g butter
And now be careful, you might get addicted…. 

Bon appétit!

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Mayu is a Japanese chef, a host of Mayu’s Kitchen in Paris, a food analyst, and vegetable nutritionist. As a food nomad, born in Japan, then she moved to many countries, North America, Mexico, UK, France and Japan.

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