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15/06/201800:00 TV5MONDE
Lorànt Deutsch, renowned French actor and writer, with his books sold more than two million copies worldwide, worked with Sony Chan, a Hong Kong born comedian, and was in Hong Kong last week for the last show of his Asia tour - “Paris by Lorànt Deutsch’’. Thanks to Alliance Française de Hong Kong, we had the opportunity to talk to them and know more about their inspirations and works. Here is the excerpt from our interview.   

Tell us about your new show "Paris by Lorànt Deutsch"? The theme : why a trip along the Seine?
Lorànt: Because the Seine is the origin of Paris. The Parisians once relied on the river for their basic needs and imposed tax to citizens who crossed the river to generate money. This led to income disparity and social inequality between the eastern and western part of Paris. Therefore, what is a best way to explore the history of Paris than its river.


Hong Kong is the 4th destination of this Asia tour. You have already presented the show in Bangkok, Singapore and Beijing. Did the presentations go well? How was the audience’s reaction?
Lorànt: The audience was mainly local during the previous presentations. Even with the videos and images, it was still hard to make the audience fully understand the show and interact with. The show in Hong Kong, thanks to the collaboration with Sony using Cantonese to explain the French history and culture to the audience, was a great success. 

Is this the first time you collaborate with Sony Chan? Or did you already know each other before? What do you think about this collaboration?
Sony: I met Lorànt once before when I invited him as guest for a France Inter talk. He is nice and passionate with his work. I was thrilled to know that I have the opportunity to work with him. 

What do you think about this collaboration? Is it « tricky » to work together on this project?
Lorànt: The collaboration with Sony went very well and we did not encounter any difficulties to work together.
Sony: I was really nervous because it was different from the one-man show that I use to do. I did not know whether I would be able to work with an actor. Besides, I am weak in history so, this show is quite challenging for me. I think that I may be able to explain the history of Paris to the audience in an easier way.   

How long did it take to finalise the show?
Lorànt: It did not take much time. We met two weeks before the show, then we had around six meetings to write script and decide ways to present it to the audience. Sony improvised a lot during the show. 

Sony, we saw on your Instagram account photos/videos of you during a cruise along the Seine. Was that part of the preparation?
Yes, they asked me to participate in the video shooting. I did not expect much at first, but it gave me a new perspective to look at “Paris”, which was less touristic oriented.


Is this your first time visiting Hong Kong? Do you already know the city before the tour? Do you like it so far?
Lorànt: Actually, it is my first time in Asia. Hong Kong impresses me a lot because it is like a European city. Apart from its skyscrapers and financial district, it also shows historical monuments and countryside, which touches my heart a lot. 

Sony, are you going to show him around the city?
I already made him try some stewed beef briskets; one of the popular Cantonese dishes and he enjoyed them a lot. So, maybe I will bring him to ‘cha chaan teng’ (Hong Kong-style restaurant) after the show because it reflects our traditional culture.  

What are your next projects? Will we have the opportunity to see you again in Asia?
Sony:  Yes, it is possible.
Lorànt: Yes. After finishing the show I am currently working on about French language history, we may conduct a similar project again in Asia with Sony.

Lorànt Deutsch and Sony Chan left a message for our viewers in Asia Pacific.

All the best, Lorànt and Sony!

For more information, please visit Alliance Française de Hong Kong, Paris by Lorànt Deutsch and Sony Chan
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