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03/03/201500:00 TV5MONDE

Hina Matsuri is a traditional celebration that happens in Japan on March 3rd. It is also known as the Doll’s Festival, the Girl’s Festival or the Peach Festival. Through this festival, families pray for happiness and healthy life for one’s daughter. 



The main decoration and symbol of this festival is the display of the dolls (starting from mid-February), as well as cute sweets and rice cakes. 



·      The dolls are called Hina dolls and dressed in Heian Period (794-1185) attire.
·      The dolls are only displayed if there is a daughter in the family
·      The dolls are usually handed 
from generation to generation, or offered to the girl’s first Hina Matsuri
·      The dolls are displayed on a platform with several levels

·      The food that is served include all kinds of 
moshis (rice cakes with or without bean paste; and a different kind of sushis (Chirashizushi); and soup with clam shells

·      People also drink 
Shirozake (sweet white sake made from fermented rice)
·      If the dolls are not put away in the evening of March 3rd, the daughter will have trouble in finding a husband... So better wrap it up in time until next year ☺  


Share with us: Have you heard of Hina Matsuri before? Do you celebrate it? What do you think about this festival?

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