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26/01/201700:00 TV5MONDE

Happy Australia Day!
Every year on January 26th, Australia's national day is celebrated. The day refers to the year 1788, when the first European fleet reached Sydney. 

Expect billions of people to gather along the seaside in Sydney to admire the Australia Day Harbour Parade, where boats compete for the “Best Dressed Vessel”. At 11 am, the traditional “Ferrython” (marathon for the decorated ferries) will be launched. 

There are a wide array of events taking place all over the country. From concert, parties, shows and more, this is the one public holiday where you will see the nation go outdoors and enjoy public performances with their friends and family. Let's not forget that it is summer in Australia, making this a perfect day for picnics and a stroll along the country's marvellous coastline.

In many towns, brunches and activities will be organized, along with sporting competitions. Of course, expect fireworks - lots of fireworks! The biggest and most popular firework shows are usually held in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

One of the oldest events is called the Australia Day Regatta, where up to 700 vessels including traditional and classic yachts take part in sailing events, throughout the whole afternoon in Sydney Harbour.

If you happen to be there on that day you will discover a very particular spirit of Australia. It is actually a very good time for visiting and getting to know Australian people. They usually celebrate it with friends and family, by entertaining themselves as well as commemorating this official history of Australian country. It is the opportunity for them to honor everything they love about their national identity... like the Lamington, an Australian dessert made from sponge cake coated with chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut flakes.
Australia's aboriginal roots and history are of course, not forgotten. Many events and ceremonies ensure that contemporary Australians are aware of their nation's past, while celebrating the richness of the aboriginal history and cultures.
A whole website has been created and is dedicated to celebrating Australia Day.  
While you're at it, also take a look at this website and try the recipes that are downright Australian: Australia Day flag trifles, meat pies, vegemite cheese scrolls, tropical fruits pavlova, Anzac biscuits, vanilla slices and much more!
How are you celebrating Australia Day this year?

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