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12/08/201603:41 TV5MONDE

Have you ever seen this gorgeous flowers carpet set-up in the city center of Brussels?

And this happens right on the Grand-Place in front of the magnificent gothic Town Hall, which is said to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world.
This year, around 600,000 flowers (mostly begonias to be precise) will be placed beautifully and thoughtfully on a carpet, the dimensions of which are 75m x 24m, in less than 4 hours!!!


A tradition that has been held every 2 years…

Thanks to Etienne Stautemas, a landscape architect, born in 1927. He started with small-sized creations before going for the sophisticated and difficult designs.
2016 is the 20th edition, which means this event has been on since 1971! Flowers are kept on the spot for 4 days, usually around the weekend of August 15th. In order to get the best view of it, one has to walk up to the balcony of the town hall. 
More than for the eyes this event is also entertaining for the nose thanks to the fragrance of the begonias and for the ears since a musical theme is especially composed to serve each edition. In the evening, concerts and light show accompany the spectacle. 


Why Begonias? 

First of all, these flowers are well known for their resistance to the sun’s heat, strong winds, rain and cold. Plus, they offer a wide palette of bright and glimmering colours! And, last but not least, Belgium is the world’s largest producer of Begonias!
Begonias are placed directly on transparent and micro-drilled plastic sheet right on the cobblestones without soil. 


What’s the theme this year?

This year, the 20th Flower Carpet will be made under the theme of Japan, in order to celebrate 150 years of Belgo-Japanese friendship! 
The concept and design has been prepared months in advance (number of flowers needed, shapes and colors…) whereas the actual set-up only takes a few hours and is realized by a hundred of artists. This is a masterpiece in floral work, and totally worth the visit at least once in your life!

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