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(The recipe for the crêpes is at the end of this article...) 

The Chandeleur, originally a religious celebration, takes place every year on February 2d, and is mainly symbolizes by the "Crêpes" that French people prepare and eat on that day. The word “Chandeleur” comes from “Chandelles”, literally Candles, which means the celebration of Candles.


The tradition of the crêpes refers to various stories. One of which is the time when Joseph and Marie carried Jesus to the Temple and lit candles, exactly 40 days after Christmas day (on Feb 2d). At the end of this Mass, everyone brought back home a church candle
, which was suppose to protect the household. Candles in churches are kept enlighten first to symbolize the Light, but also to keep the bad spirits away. They help bringing good omens and good luck for the year harvest

Today, this celebration is very much associated to the famous “Crêpes” (a bit similar to “Mardi-Gras” celebration) that people prepare and cook at home. For the Celtic, the crêpes are seen as a golden circle, which could represent the Sun, meaning that the sun is on its way back…


There are many other traditions about crêpes still going on:
In the old times, people used to flip over the first crêpe with the right hand while holding a coin in the left hand, in order to bring happiness and prosperity to them. They will then hide the coin into the crêpe, roll the crêpe, and bring it up to the bedroom on top of the cupboard until next year... One year later, the coin was given to someone in needs. The respect of all these rites would bring the family good luck and good wealth for the whole year.

Some people used to simply flip over the crêpe over and throw it on top of the cupboard, in order to ward off the bad luck for the year to come.


Today, the one who manages to flip over a “crêpe” without dropping it on the floor, or who catches it back in the pan without folding it, will have good luck until next year!

You should definitely give it a try, you will have fun! 

And here is the crêpes recipe for you to try at home:


Ingredients for 15 crêpes:
_3 eggs,
_300g of flour
_3/4 L of milk
_3table spoons of oil
_1 pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Leave it to rest for 30 minutes.
Melt some butter in a non-stick pan. Use a ladle to measure the quantity or preparation for one crêpe. ¾ of a ladle usually makes one crêpe depending on the size of your saucepan.
Pour the preparation into the pan, and quickly turn your wrist to spread the preparation over the pan in a nice round shape. Avoid making holes. The whole surface of the pan should be covered. Make sure it is not too thick (this is not a pancake)!
Cook it for a minute on this side. Then it's turn to flip it over! This requires technics, but OUI you can do it! Cook it for another minute on that side.
Its ready to be served!
Now, enjoy it just natural, sprinkle with sugar, add butter, lemon, chocolate spread, jam, salted caramel….. or anything you like!

Hmmm yummy! Vive la Chandeleur! 

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