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It's now time for the very special exhibition dedicated to one of the most succulent product in the world: CHOCOLATE! It is held in Paris (at Versailles Exhibition center). Both grandiose and mouth-watering, the Salon du Chocolat takes place between October 28th and November 1st 2015. 

Why dresses made of chocolate? (Les robes en chocolat)
Have you ever thought that the two words “dress” (robe in French) - as for the women clothing, and “dressing” (enrobage in French) - as for the chocolate dressing in the culinary context, could be considered correlated? In French we literally talk about something being dressed with chocolate (i.e. poire enrobée de chocolat), which implicates that chocolate is an art as much as fashion is.

Salon du Chocolat has been including fashion shows with chocolate dresses for 21 years now, and it’s very interesting to link chocolate chefs and fashion designers. 
This year, 15 celebrities will take part in the fashion show including: Alizée, Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015), Fauve Hautot, Sophie Tapie, Elizabeth Tchoungui, Tatiana Golovin...

What is so special in 2015 edition?
There will be an international competition of chocolate art (28th – 30th October) organized by Cacao Barry
Last year, Richard Orlinski prepared a 4-meter tall chocolate King Kong sculpture. This year, it’s a 6-meter tall chocolate Bear (made with the pastry chef Christelle Brua)! In addition to Léonidas giant statue of a women bust. 
The website salonduchocolat has published recipes (in French only), among which 
3 recipes of Chocolat Frappé for summer 
Les Profiteroles au chocolat de Guy Savoy, 
Pizza au chocolat du chef Alain Ducasse 
and many more here … 

What else will you find there?
Demonstrations from professional chefs (desserts, chocolate, young talents, new desserts, chefs from the world);
Gastronomic and recipes books sales and autographs;
Conferences (regulations, history, chocolate with wine and other flavors pairings, health, remedies…);
Sculptures and all kind of artistic exhibitions involving chocolate;
Chocolate-dresses fashion shows;
Cocoa shows focused around South-America’s production;
Games and quizzes… 
Moreover, you will have a lot of opportunities to taste, watch, feel, hear, and smell chocolate like you never had!

Figures for the Salon du Chocolat in Paris:
7.4 million visitors
177 shows
31 cities in the world
4 continents
700 participants
20,000-sqm space dedicated to chocolate
220 chocolatiers, pastry makers and confectioners, pastry and cocoa chefs and experts 
1 Adult ticket costs 14 Euros


Have a very Chocolate day!

Thanks for reading our article. Your comments are welcome. Have you ever took part to the Salon du Chocolat in your country? Share with us your thoughts! 
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