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Everyone knows how important bread is for the French people. But did you know that a festival has been created especially to honor the French traditional bread?
Well, from May 11th until 17th it's all about bread, bread and bread. And also the baguettes, the rustique, LA tradition…Check the video at the end of the article.

 Bread creations for the competition of the Fete du Pain

The 20th anniversary of the “Fête du pain”:

The Bread Festival has been created in 1996 in order to honor the bread, of course, but also the people who prepare it. It’s the opportunity for the Boulangers and Boulangères (bakers) to introduce their profession, their creations and products. It’s also a way for the young people who are interested in this profession to discover the studies, schools and certifications…

A baker kneading the dough for the bread preparation

During this week and in every French department, there will be activities such as some French Tradition Baguette competitions, public bread preparation including baking and serving, bread tastings…

 The art of kneading the dough (Pétrir la pâte)

In some cities, kids will also have the opportunity to turn into “mitrons” (mitron is the name given to the baker’s boy who used to help in the bread preparation in the Boulangeries).

  Kids can try to prepare bread at La Fete du Pain

A healthy meal:

97% of French people admit eating bread every day…  Bread is very healthy and can be consumed at every meal: from breakfast to dinner and also as a snack! It contains plenty of good and important nutrients. It all depends on what you spread on it… Now forget about these chocolate bars full of sugar, and eat a nice slice of fresh bread, dip it inside your cup of coffee and here you are! A real French!

 Typical Petit-déjeuner Parisien: a baguette, croissant, butter and jam, an orange juice and an expresso...

From priest to baker: 

Saint-Honoré is what we call in French the “Saint-Patron des boulangers”. In opposition to what we could think, he was never a baker; neither did he help in the preparation of bread. Honoré was born in the VI Century in Port le Grand (North of France). He once told his nanny that he wanted to become a priest while she was in the middle of bread preparation. His nanny didn’t believe it and answered straight away:

“And when my bread shovel will get tree leaves, you will be a bishop!”
“Et quand ma pelle aura des feuilles, tu seras évêque!”


According to legend, the miracle performed straight away! The bread shovel suddenly got green and started to produce some flowers. A few years later, Honoré became the youngest bishop in Amiens…
In 1202, Renold Theriens a Parisian baker contributed to build a chapel in remembrance of Honoré’s miracle: the chapel Saint-Honoré. Parisian bakers and millers then decided to take Saint Honoré as their patron saint and to celebrate his feast on May 16th.

 French tradition breads prepared for the competitions for the Fete du Pain

The Festival has been first organized for the kids, using this motto:

“A la Saint Honoré, tous les enfants sont boulangers”
“On Saint-Honoré Day, all the kids become bakers”.

Today it’s a way to gather people in a festive ambience, to re-discover this wonderful product and the way it is produced, and last but not least, to enjoy some delicious French Bread! Yummy!


"Sans pain et sans vin, l'amour n'est rien!" 

which means:

"Without bread or wine, love is nothing!"


Now do you know where does the Saint Honoré pastry come from?   

More info (in French):
Fête du pain website: La Fête du Pain
Facebook page: Fete du Pain


Thank you for reading this article. What do you think about this festival? What is your favorite bread? Feel free to leave us your comments using the toolbar on the left hand side. 

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