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19/03/201500:00 TV5MONDE

The French Minister of the Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius and the French Michelin starred Chef Alain Ducasse, supported by French embassies and partners (among which TV5MONDE), have decided to shake the French gastronomy in 2015!
This will be done through an international event happening on March 19th called:

“Goût de / Good France“ 
Goût de France literally means “Taste of France”).


The good recipe for this perfect French culinary experience:
For this event recipe, you need 1000 plus excellent chefs from across 5 continents. (The chefs have been selected by a committee of international chefs, led by Alain Ducasse)

Ask them to compose a dinner “menu à la française” involving:

_a cocktail with Champagne and Gougères, OR iced Cognac and foie gras
_a cold starter
_a hot starter
_fish OR seafood
_meat OR poultry
_a selection of French cheese
_chocolate dessert
_and last but not least: French wines

These dishes should be promoting vegetables and seasonal ingredients, but avoid high amounts of fat, sugar and salt.


Mix everything together. When everything is ready on March 19th dinner time, sprinkle with lots of fun, and serve at room temperature with important values such as the pleasure of sharing with others. The whole event experience should respect several concepts such as the “bien manger”, and consider healthy food and preserve the environment.

Restaurants chefs who are taking part in this project have been advised to donate 5% of their benefit to local NGO dedicated to health and environment.

We can’t wait to discover together the 2015 values of the French Gastronomy. In the meantime, TV5MONDE has found a way to keep you waiting!

This is the opportunity for TV5MONDE to broadcast special programs on TV5MONDE Asia and Pacific, starting from February 16th. These short programs will be introducing some of the Chefs who are taking part in this event and based in different cities in France and worldwide such as Japan, India, Mexico, New-York and China.

Among these chefs are:
Akrame Benallal: he opened a restaurant in Paris in 2011 and was awarded a Michelin star within the first 6 months! Today, he’s got 2 stars and recently opened a restaurant in Hong Kong called “Akrame”. Damien Leroux (Rech), Guy Savoy (Le Guy Savoy), Stéphanie le Quellec (La Scène – Prince de Galles), Pierre Lambinon (Le Py-R), Mathieu Viannay (La mère Brazier), Ludovic Turac (Une table au Sud), Vivien Durand (Le Prince Noir), Thierry Schwartz (Le Bistrot des Saveurs), William Boquelet (L’Auberge de la Pomme), David Bouley (Bouley), Hemant Oberoi (Taj Mahal), Kiyomi Mikuni (Mikuni) and Martha Oriz (Dolce Patria).
The programs will be broadcasted on:

TV5MONDE Asia: everyday at 3:28 pm and 7:58 pm (Bangkok time)


For the Asia Pacific region, the event will take place in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, Laos, Indonesia, India, Fiji, South Korea, even in New Caledonia.
If you are interested in the event, log on
 to check which restaurant in your area is participating, and have a look at the menu ;-)

There are 7 restaurants in Hong Kong where you could enjoy the dinner:
_Amber, (Richard Ekkebus)
_Bibo, (Mutaro Balde)
_Épure, (Nicolas Boutin)
_Jules Bistro, (Laurent Brouard)
_Le Bistro Winebeast, (Johan Ducroquet)
_Restaurant Akrame, (Akrame Benallal)
_SPOON by Alain Ducasse  (Stephane Gortina)

Goût de / Good France: The unique opportunity to enjoy and share the flavours from France!
Leave your comments and save the date for Goût de / Good France !

More info on:
Bon appétit!

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