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05/12/201400:00 TV5MONDE

 Christmas markets: perfect to be in a Christmas mood!
In France, most of the traditional Christmas markets have started already (usually 4 weeks before Christmas). They are a unique experience and they definitely put you in a Christmas mood in case you are not yet. Each stall is inside a small wooden house which is embellished with warm, welcoming, colorful and shiny decorations that will please everyone from kids to elderly, family, friends, couples…


The origin:
Christmas markets made their very first appartition in Germany and arrived in France during the 16th Century in Strasbourg. They were originally organized to supply the families with all the ingredients needed for preparing and baking festive dishes before Christmas...

And now?
So imagine how nice it is to walk around these markets in a cold winter time, wrapped up in knitted scarves and gloves, and to warm yourself up with a nice cup of hot chocolate or warm wine (warm red wine with spices: exquisite!). You can also find comfort in eating savoury tartines, raclette, tartiflette, a slice of a maroilles tart (maroilles is a very smelly but tasty cheese). If you have a sweet tooth you might be more tempted with yummy gingerbread and star-shaped-biscuits, crepes and waffles… The choice is usually very huge. You can either have it on the spot or buy some ingredients for your Christmas dinner later. A while ago, only local food was sold but you are now able to browse through food specialties from every region in France…


A real competition: 
East of France holds some of the biggest Christmas markets in the country. One village in particular which is called Eguisheim and located in Alsace around 5 km from Colmar. For the last 5 years it has been winning awards for its authenticity and the quality of events, including parades, concerts, rich illuminated decorations, historic visits… Christmas markets are organized everywhere in France, among which cities like Strasbourg, Montbéliard, Brest, Paris, Arras, Menton, Lille, Orléans, Besançon…


Gifts, decorations, and a cozy atmosphere:
These markets are also a great place for Christmas shopping, as many artisans will sell their creations, including unique handcrafted gifts and decorations. Last but not least, what people find there and this is the most important, is a friendly, warm and peaceful atmosphere, where you can spend a fabulous time with your loved ones. You just need to admire the stunning illuminated huge Christmas trees, life-size nativity scenes, beautifully wrapped up presents and all kinds of Santa Claus… a good reason to believe in Pere-Noël again…

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