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18/03/201400:00 TV5MONDE
Behind the name "Brigitte"
First-quote.jpg We chose this name “Brigitte” because for us it's a very meaningful name with lots of feminine backstory behind it.
You can imagine Brigitte, an old woman, or a mother, or even something really sexy and special like Brigitte la Haie who was a famous French porn star back in the 70s.
But on the other hand, there is Brigitte Bardot –a very glamorous image. Finally, there is French singer, Brigitte Fontaine, who has a crazy outlook.
For us, the name “Brigitte” carries a wide range of meaning behind it and it’s perfect for our band because we are two women and it has a very feminine touch much like our lyrics. Not necessarily “feminist”, but we have a feminine style. 
We were even told numerous times from men that our lyrics makes them feel as if they were reading a book on “How to understand women”.  secondquote.jpg

The Art of Music
First-quote-(1).jpg Music. It was never a question. I have always sung since I was a child. There was always music at home. Both my parents were not musicians but music was always a part of our life.
I have played the piano and the guitar and started writing songs a long time ago. secondquote-(1).jpg -  Aurélie
First-quote-(2).jpg I grew up with music. My father played the guitar and the accordion. It was always very natural that I was singing.
As far as I could remember, I always sang throughout my life. I always have melodies running through my head. secondquote-(2).jpg - Sylvie

Mix of Music
First-quote-(3).jpg For us, the music we make is a mix of many things we like.

Before Brigitte, we both had different projects on our own. We were always into one type of music; there were either pop and only pop or rock and only rock. We didn’t have any mixtures of the types of music.
When we started this band, we really wanted to mix our influences, all the music that we loved, and all the things that were important for us.

Being a Brigitte - is basically being free. We do exactly what we want. 
 It is important for us to do so! secondquote-(3).jpg

Inspirations and our every day lives
First-quote-(4).jpg Our biggest inspirations are pretty much our lives… we talk a lot. 

We work together every day, we bring our kids to school at 8 in the morning, arrive to my house, and we write songs everyday and talk about our lives and get inspirations from each other.
It’s all about what we did yesterday! secondquote-(4).jpg

Solution to difficulties: Friendship and Support
First-quote-(5).jpg We are really lucky to have each other and to be friends.

All the difficulties we had in the past, big or small, it gets really interesting because after we’ve gone past the issues, we look back and add our own humor to it.
The love and support for each other really helps us overcome our issues. secondquote-(5).jpg

Hidden Talent: Culinary Business
First-quote-(6).jpg Before Brigittes, we were wondering what would happen... wheather or not Brigitte will bring us to Asia.
We did think about opening a restaurant together if this band didn’t work out. secondquote-(6).jpg

First-quote-(7).jpg I would have been the director of the restauraunt and Sylvie would be handeling the cooking part. secondquote-(7).jpg-  Aurélie
Revealing in Each Other's Strengths
First-quote-(8).jpg Sylvie has a lot! What is really cool is that she looks really wise. But sometimes she’s totally crazy. It’s the paradox! That’s what I like! secondquote-(8).jpg-  Aurélie
First-quote-(9).jpg I can’t explain! I admire the strength of 
Aurélie. She’s very strong like a rock! She’s always going forward and never looks back in life. She has no regrets. secondquote-(9).jpg - Sylvie
Promenade in Asia: The Electric Vibe
First-quote-(10).jpgI am totally crazy about Japan! I’ve been to Tokyo twice and I really love the feeling while walking down the street, not sleeping and going to the fish market at 5 in the morning due to the jet lag. It was really so beautiful!

The lights in Asia are a little different from France. In Asia, its always neon lights, white lights but in France its always yellow lights and I find that really poetic!

Going to Tokyo was a really good experience for me. I really loved everything about Tokyo. secondquote-(10).jpg-  Aurélie
First-quote-(11).jpg I have never been to Japan but I would love to go one day. Anywhere in Japan. I would like to go one day. secondquote-(11).jpg - Sylvie
First-quote-(12).jpg I also liked Bangkok. I really loved the city! I really like all cities like Singapore! You find everything and everyone! You see the quiet part and also the busy life! Natural life, amazing beaches, etc… the cities are always electric!! secondquote-(12).jpg-  Aurélie

The Asian Influence in France

First-quote-(13).jpg There are lots of influences. Food is the biggest influences in France.There are amazing chefs that comes from Japan, Korea, Thailand, to have amazing restaurants.

They would always have a fusion of gastronomie between Asia and France.
Fashion is also a big part. Asia has quite a big influence on France believe it or not. We have lots of Asian designers in France. secondquote-(13).jpg
Recommend Restaurants - by Brigittes.
First-quote-(14).jpg There are two restaurants in New York would point out.

Momofuku Ssam Bar it's a mix of American – Japanese fusion! The Chef is one of the 50 best chefs in the world!

The other one is called
Bhemian – you have to go through a path, a butcher and you’ll find the restaurant.
Specialty in Kobe beef. It's the best potato and meat ive ever had in my life! secondquote-(14).jpg
-  Aurélie
First-quote-(15).jpg In Paris, there is a Japanese restaurant called
Guilo Guilo.
There is a Japanese Chef who is really nice. Guilo Guilo is a very unique name and there should be one in Kyoto! secondquote-(15).jpg
  - Sylvie

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