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13/12/201400:00 TV5MONDE
★Decorate your Home with Christmas Decorations !

Decorate your Home Sweet Home with Christmas decorations! This is definitely part of the Christmas celebrations! 

We hope you followed our tips to decorate your Christmas tree. Have you also placed some presents underneath? If you want a nice and original Christmas wrapping, why not use some pages from your magazines?


Now that the Christmas tree is done, have you thought about how are you going to decorate your home? What about some snowflakes on your windows? Illuminated tinsels in the living room? A holly and pine wreath on your door? There are so many things you can do and imagine of. So lets have a look:


Start bringing the Christmas spirit right at the entrance of your home with a pretty wreath on your home door! This is a real piece of decoration and you can make your own with pinecones, apples and berries, holly berries garland… Add some shiny Christmas stars or any other ornaments that you have made yourself in salt dough. If you own one of these snow spray, put some on the wrath… Christmas is now just behind your door!


Use the snow spray to decorate your windows. Draw everything that looks Christmassy to you: snowflakes, Christmas tree, presents, candles…


In the living room, place some candles every here and there in order to give a festive atmosphere while keeping it warm and cosy. Use the tinsels and garlands that you haven’t been using for your Christmas tree around your furniture, staircases, photo frames, and your TV of course. Lucky ones with a chimney at home will hang their socks there or place their shoes right at the front. For the other ones not to worry, you can find a nice place to hang them on shelves or on the wall, because Father Christmas always finds them anyway…


Remember to pre-set the nativity scene, arranged with the religious characters. When you are done, sit down and feel the Christmas magic… 


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