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07/12/201400:00 TV5MONDE
A long-term tradition:
The first Christmas trees that used to be decorated appeared in Alsace, in east of France in 16th Century. At that time, the decoration was composed of red apples, candies and tiny cakes…
During the 17th and 18th Century, illuminated Christmas trees made their first apparition: people used nuts shells filled with oil, on top of which they put wicks or candles.
After the middle of the 19th century, the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree spread across all regions in France... 

Now, just follow the steps for each style:
To start with, you need to choose a color scheme, in order to make your tree look cohesive and complete. You don’t have to use all the Christmas decorations you have in your boxes at once. And sometimes, less is better.

For a classic and tradition style, you should use red and green colors: 

If you are looking for a snowy effect, choose white and silver colors:

For an icy look, use wintry colors such as blue, silver and purple:

If you want a warm effect, combine red, orange and gold decorations:

Metallic colors such as gold, silver and bronze are easy to mix together and look elegant and chic:

If you want, pick a theme:

You can decide to go for only one type of ornaments: angels, Santa, snowflakes, presents… Don’t forget the Christmas baubles. For these, choose matt or shiny ones (avoid mixing both types). 

Hands on!
There is no proper order to follow, but it might be easier to start with hanging the lights first if you have some. Place them from top to bottom. Remember they are just used to accent the tree and should not be noticed.
Then, add the tinsels and ribbons. Distribute them evenly along the outer branches of the tree. You can also add small bows.
Keep some tinsels for the rest of the house and the table on Christmas day. There will be another article regarding the Christmas decoration in the house, stay tuned!
Here, the most difficult part is to keep your cat away ☺ 

Now is the time for the baubles and ornaments and since they are very delicate, it is better to add them after the rest of the tree is settled. Also work from top to bottom, and remember to place some back into the tree to give some depth. 

Remember to add your personal style with other objects like pinecones, candies, fruits, bells, snowmen, stars, hearts, snowflakes, teardrops, socks… in all kind of materials (fabric, glass, plastic…)

Last but not least: the topper. Children always fight to place the topper on top of the tree and they are right as this is definitely the best part!!! Choose a star, an angel, a pretty bow, a large snowflake, any home-made object ! 

So, your turn now! Don't forget the most important: Have fun! And share your pictures with us!

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