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17/12/201400:00 TV5MONDE
Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, For a Child’s Smile,


In 1995, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières have created the Association PSE “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant” which literally means “For a Child’s Smile”. This association is based in Phnom-Penh and today is opening an office in Hong Kong.

This French couple can be proud of the results. Their involvement in helping the children in Cambodia has been rewarded by the King of Cambodia who has even given them the Cambodian nationality.
TV5MONDE Asia Pacific has welcomed Guillaume Ponticelli the president of PSE Hong Kong, who introduced the PSE Association and shared his experience within PSE, stories and pictures…


What are PSE actions?
PSE Association helps children who are living and working on dumpsites in the area of Phnom-Penh. They are sent by their families to pick up and sell things in order to bring money home. These kids suffer from malnutrition, they can’t go to school and have some medical issues.

PSE distributes 9,000 meals per day to the kids but also to their family, conduct 20,000 medical consultations and treatments per month. PSE protects the children and makes it possible for them to escape from misery and violence during the day, and just to play and behave as ordinary children.


PSE is helping them in their education. PSE’s view is to help these children in the long-term meaning from 6 to 20 years old. It is important for PSE to take care of them until this age, until the age of being independent has been reached. Children coming from PSE Institute are very valuable when it comes to job application, and 98% of them have successfully entered the job market.


Throughout the years, PSE has made some noise and some PSE institute teachers are now trained from French Higher Education Schools who came to Phnom-Penh.
PSE institute has developed and is currently able to provide courses from various industries such as sewing, gardening, cooking, electricity, mechanics …

After 20 years, PSE is proud to say that the first batch of alumni is out!
PSE ensures these children stay proud of their countries by raising the flag every morning.

So far, PSE is supporting 6,500 children and 500 children with disabilities are benefiting from a specific branch.


How does it work?
The new branch in Hong Kong has been created in order to reach, not only private donators, but also long-term sponsoring as well as corporate sponsorships via enterprises and companies. The goal here is to enrich and improve the PSE Institute in order to offer a better education and better conditions to the children. It is very important for PSE to obtain a long-term sponsoring.

For the occasion of the opening of the Hong Kong branch, two events will be launch on December 16th and 17th at 8pm at the French International School, in Blue Pool Road in Happy Valley.

You are more than welcome to get involved and join PSE. Please have a look to PSE website:

PSE Motto: Cambodia, from destitution to dignity.
Thanks to Guillaume Ponticelli for coming at TV5MONDE and sharing with us his stories. 


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