Culture  10 Amazing Drone Photos of Vanuatu (Part I)
15/10/201800:00 Josh Shepard

Vanuatu is an incredible country to say the least. I came to this South Pacific island with absolutely no plans, in fact I didn’t even have a return flight booked until they told me it was a requirement to enter the country.

I left two and a half weeks later having discovered one of the most diverse countries in landscape and culture that I’ve ever visited. Here is what I discovered while
traveling Vanautu.

Ambyrm is home to active volcanoes with lava lakes bubbling up the earth’s core. Pentecost is the birthplace of bungee jumping with its crazy Naghol Land Diving tradition. Malekula has a long history of cannibal culture, and incredible coral reefs that are just waiting to be discovered by scuba divers. Espiritu Santo has the bluest swimming holes with the clearest water you will ever see.

Now I can’t squeeze all the amazingness of this country into one article. However, I can show you 10 stunning photos which will get you searching for the next flights to this island nation.

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A chilled out Lonnoc Beach, Espiritu Santo

Lonnoc Beach is one of the most incredible beaches on Espiritu Santo. This secluded beach is located about 40 kilometers north of the major city called Luganville. You can hire a kayak and paddle around the headland to the popular spot known as Champagne Beach. Alternatively, go snorkeling and discover beautiful coral reefs that no one talks about!

The incredibly blue Nanda Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo is most well-known for its incredibly blue swimming holes. There are three popular swimming holes here in total, Nanda Blue Hole, Riri Blue Hole and Matevulu Blue Hole. While all three are amazing, I recommend the
Nanda Blue Hole as the best. The water is so still and clear that you would be able to see for 50 meters if it was that deep!



Beacfront bungalows at Port Olry, Santo Espiritu

Port Olry, pronounced locally as Port Lory is a small beachside settlement on the north east tip of Espiritu Santo. This is the northernmost beach on Santo accessible by sealed road. From here on there are only 4WD passable dirt tracks. The white sand at Port Olry gradually drops off into the ocean. There is no coral here, and the bay is quite secluded, which makes it a perfect spot to have a relaxing swim.

Coral reefs surrounding Rano Island, Malekula

Rano is a tiny island located off the north coast of Maleuka. The island was inhabited by cannibals until as recent as the mid 1960’s! While there is no threat of being eaten these days, you can still explore the traditional cannibal sites where you will find human skulls and other bones in the food preparation area. After visiting the cannibal villages, be sure to go for another snorkel along the amazing coral reefs where you can spot green turtles.



The small village of Atchin Island, Malekula

Atchin is another small island located off the north coast of Malekula. This island is home to just over 700 people, and the football field seems to be about half the size of the village. The kids on Atchin are really friendly, and always up for a game of football. Getting to Atchin Island is as easy as a 10-minute boat ride across the water from the Malekula mainland.


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