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More native birds of New Zealand: Kākā, Kea and Kākāpō

New Zealand based French illustrator Émilie Géant shares tidbits from her latest works and more on the country's native birds.

, 01/06/2018 03:05

Tui, Fantail and Pukeko: New Zealand's native birds

As an illustrator whose art often focuses on New Zealand's endemic birds, Emilie is here to tell you more about them in her blog series!

, 06/02/2018 12:54

Crossing borders: Mattias Adolfsson and his creations

Highly popular in France, acclaimed Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson was in Hong Kong in December 2017. Here's an excerpt from a very engaging interview.

, 19/01/2018 16:48

An interview with Emilie Géant, French illustrator based in New Zealand

Emilie is a French illustrator currently based in New Zealand. See her fascinating work depicting the country's breathtaking landscape, culture, endemic bird species and many more!

, 13/12/2017 12:29

Polinko, play with your food

Father's Day is coming soon and you might be interested in this! Have you seen these new designed plates before? Aren’t they cute? This is a creation by the French graphic designer and art director...

, 13/06/2016 10:00


What brings Seth & Lise to the new festival of lights in Montreal (Montréal en Lumière) ? Jazz Concert? No. French fries truck? No. Theater plays? No. The answer is CHESSE!

, 06/03/2013 17:45

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