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Caramelized upside down Turnip Tarte

Mayu's Kitchen is please to present you her new recipe of "Caramelized up-side Turnip Tarte – Tarte tatin salée aux navets caramélisés" which looks so yummy! The first guests are 2 Americans, afte...

, 10/01/2015 08:30

Le Cinq by Christian Le Squer

The world of gastronomy in Paris has been bustling with speculations lately about where will the former Ledoyen’s head chef Christian Le Squer go next. Three weeks ago it became apparent that it wi...

, 06/01/2015 10:09

Christmas recipe: The Christmas Chocolate Yule Log

This easy recipe is delicious and will please all your guests. Personalize it by adding some nice decorations and writings! For 4 people...

, 23/12/2014 08:38

What a beautiful Christmas cheese platter!

In France, it is already difficult enough to imagine a typical meal without cheese, so what would a Christmas meal without cheese look like? No way! Read these useful tips to help you prepare your ...

, 19/12/2014 08:41

Christmas recipe: Langoustines, zucchini and sweet potato with black sesame seeds

This gastronomy recipe is the perfect alternative to the usual way of serving langoustines. After all, it’s Christmas! For 4 people: 8 langoustines...

, 17/12/2014 09:00

Christmas recipe: Turkey with chestnut stuffing

French people have been serving Turkey for Christmas for a very long time as a tradition. Here is a recipe for the famous and delicious turkey with chestnut stuffing! You should definitely give it ...

, 15/12/2014 09:00

Foie-gras with Ginger cake recipe

Try this Christmas recipe from Epicerie Fine and surprise your guests! Foie gras is a festive dish and very often served on Christmas dinner in France! For 4 people...

, 11/12/2014 09:00

French oysters for Christmas?

Why not try the recipe of the Sauce Mignonette to compliment the oysters? And learn more about oysters...

, 09/12/2014 09:00

★Two Christmas appetizer recipes

These two recipes are very easy to prepare and makes excellent Amuse-Bouche. Just follow the steps to create your Salmons blinis and Goat cheese toasts with honey.

, 03/12/2014 09:00

Epicure- c’est magnifique! in Paris

Wonderful Burlat cherries and pistachios dessert at Epicure in Paris today (3 Michelin stars). One can’t beat the old school indeed...

, 25/11/2014 10:28
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