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Les Prés D'Eugénie in France

Michel Guérard has been making food history for over forty years. The father of “cuisine minceur” or slimming cuisine, began his career when he was 14 years old as a pastry chef, eventually attaini...

, 01/06/2016 03:42

The Ocean and Martell

Hong Kong - The Ocean & Martell present the permanent residence of Martell “Secrets of a Trunk” and celebrate with an Exclusive Menu

, 23/05/2016 04:00

L'Arpège in Paris

L'Arpège - When someone asks me about my fine dining recommendations in Paris, lunch at L’Arpège is always on the top of my list. Alain Passard is the pioneer of ditching proteins and putting humbl...

, 21/04/2016 04:45

NEW: What's on Sunday menu?

Burgundy beef! We will regularly publish an article about a French dish! Whether it's a famous one or one you have never heard of, we make you discover the origin and sometimes even the recipe!

, 17/04/2016 04:00

L'Eclair De Genie: Genius Parisian Eclairs Come To Japan

Dessert blogger Li Tian describes her experience in L'Éclair De Genie in Japan... as usual, with her beautiful photos!

, 15/03/2016 06:00

Priest's hat or small nose?

Beside the Belgian chocolate, there are other kinds of Belgian specialties. Among which, the cuberdons! What are these small purple candies in a cone shape?

, 03/03/2016 16:26

Super easy apple crumble by Mayu Kitchen

Super easy, no joking! It is very easy to make apple crumble, or any kinds of fruits crumble. Here is the recipe...

, 02/03/2016 06:00

THE Creme Caramel

From Central America to India and Philippines, the caramel custard has been everywhere. In Viêt Nam, the Banh caramel was brought by the French, it is so popular in Japan where it is called Purinプリ...

, 24/02/2016 04:19

The recipe of the month (winter): potimarron soup

By Kalpana Balan-Seitz.

, 20/02/2016 02:36

Mardi-Gras doughnuts

These doughnuts are ubiquitous in France during Mardi Gras (French Fat Tuesday)! Enjoy our recipe; we hope you will find them as succulent as we do!

, 10/02/2016 05:00
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