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Moving around at La Défense

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have already seen that this morning I went to La Défense, the little Paris "Manhattan", in other words ...

, 30/10/2013 18:29

Bye bye Paris!

Ooops I'm late posting... I forgot to activate the scheduling tool and my photo did not publish automatically. Anyway, I left Paris yesterday ...

, 28/10/2013 18:24

A bridge with a view...

was desperately looking for a photo op last evening and I could not find any! I even thought of leaving a blank space for once... And then I passed by the Pont ...

, 25/10/2013 18:22

Singing in the rain (and in Paris!)

I took this photo at Place Saint Michel, a place known by all Parisians for being THE perfect meeting point in Paris ! And since a lot of people meet there ...

, 24/10/2013 18:14

Less clouds on the horizon!

I don't know if you remember, a few weeks ago I had to stay at the hospital for a few days because they discovered stones in my gallbladder. Well, when you read this - providing everything went well!

, 12/09/2013 15:12

From Montparnasse...

Last evening I was near the Montparnasse train station (which is located on a little hill). I stopped to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower from there, but just when I pushed the trigger, a bus passe...

, 27/08/2013 16:05

Chais de Bercy

On the Eastern part of Paris, there is an ex-suburban areas called Bercy which became part of Paris in 1860. It used to be a huge hub for the wine trade: the wine barrels would be delivered by boat...

, 25/04/2013 11:40


Here I am talking about spring again, but this time not about the season, about this water spring (OK, it's more a fountain than a spring ;-)) that I found this morning in the 11th arrondissement. ...

, 24/04/2013 16:34
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