TV5MONDE Asie & TV5MONDE Pacifique

TV5MONDE is a worldwide network of channels broadcasted in more than 200 countries & territories in the World with 42 in Asia-Pacific alone.

Given the general programming of the channel; the territories constraints linked to the purchase of content rights; the wide range of time zones; the local legislations; the heterogeneity of the public by their origin or age; as well as many constraints specific to the media industry; TV5Monde has faced unprecedented challenges in building TV5MONDE Asie’s programming grid.

How to program broadcasting a movie at 21h in Hong Kong when it is midnight Sydney or even 2 am in Wellington?

How to justify the programming of a block of youth programming after school in Southeast Asia while this segment corresponds to a prime time in Japan or Australia?

In summary: How to meet the needs of diverse audiences at specific times while minimizing as much as possible reruns of programs?

It is this complex equation that the teams in charge of Asia had to solve on a daily basis during the first 13 years of broadcasting on the continent.

Despite these constraints, TV5MONDE managed to gradually impose itself in this often unfavorable audiovisual landscape and launched in September 2009: TV5MONDE Pacifique.
Format: 4:3 / MPEG-2
Available subtitling*:
From GMT +5 to GMT +8
*depending on your operator
Format: 16:9 / MPEG-4
Available subtitling*:
From GMT +8 to GMT -10
*depending on your operator
Objectives of this launch are multiple:
  • Reduce the weight of geographical constraints on programming by reducing the number of countries and territories covered by a single signal.
  • Improve programming by facilitating the purchase of programs (including film and sports) in Asia (Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia) as well as in the countries of the Pacific region (Japan, Korea, Oceania).
  • Readjust the broadcasting time of programs to better meet the constraints of time zone and the expectations of viewers.
Thanks to this development we tend to improve our offering in each and every country in the region.

We are obviously aware that reducing the number of constraints alone will not be sufficient in order to deliver to everyone the right program at the right time.

That is why we are now working actively on the development of new services to meet the needs of our audience, independently of its location or aspirations.

Thank you for your loyalty, we will strive to continue to deserve it.

Alexandre Muller
Managing director Asie-Pacifique