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Events The Lantern Festival

It’s a Chinese festival marking the last day of the lunar New Year. How do people celebrate it?

TV5MONDE , 05/03/2015 00:00

Music & Entertainment Emilie Simon's tour in Asia

Emilie Simon started to get well known after the soundtrack of the movie “March of the Penguins”. She composed her own songs and the album received many awards... Lets have a quick look at her musi...

TV5MONDE , 04/03/2015 12:27

Movie Extravagant India, another Indian Film Festival in Paris!

Extravagant India is another interesting festival dedicated to Indian cinema that takes place in Paris at the Gaumont Champs-Elysées! Watch the trailer hereafter and you will just end up being a ...

TV5MONDE , 03/03/2015 15:58

Events The practical guide to Hina Matsuri

Hina Matsuri is a traditional celebration that happens in Japan on March 3rd. Through this Doll’s Festival, families pray for happiness and healthy life for one’s daughter.

TV5MONDE , 03/03/2015 00:00

Food Les Déserteurs, hot neo-bistro alert in Paris

I am still thinking of Daniel’s brie with black truffles, which was without doubts the best brie I’ve ever had in my life...

Luxeat , 02/03/2015 11:05

Fashion New lifestyle program on TV5MONDE Tendance XXI

From the Haute Couture to Gastronomy, from jewelry to make-up and from internationally renowned artists to local young artisans, this program explores the French creativity in many different artist...

TV5MONDE , 23/02/2015 17:59

Movie 2014 Top Ten Best French Films

As 2015 gets underway, it’s never too late to look back at the best of French cinema in 2014. Here is French Cinema Review’s 2014 Top 10 French films. It’s a list of my personal favourites. Feel fr...

Judith Prescott , 23/02/2015 06:07

Events The Year of the Wooden Goat

Chinese Year 2015 will start on Wednesday February 19th 2015 and finish on February 8th 2016. This year will be the year of the Wooden Goat. The goat is the 8th animal is the 12 animals race. It ...

TV5MONDE , 19/02/2015 00:00

Events Happy Tet in Vietnam

The Têt is the shorter name for Têt Nguyên Dán (meaning the celebration of the 1st day) and is the most important day of the Vietnamese calendar. It refers to the Lunar New Year and is celebrated b...

TV5MONDE , 19/02/2015 00:00

Events Mardi Gras or the Fat Tuesday French Carnival

February 17th in France will be a day where you eat fried food and dress up yourself in anything you like: this is Mardi Gras! Lets discover the origins of the tradition of the Mardi Gras Carnival,...

TV5MONDE , 17/02/2015 00:00
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