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Culture How to plan an Australia cruise when you are on a budget

Australia is a great country with a number of gorgeous sites. Since it is an island surrounded by water, a cruise is a great way to see everything the country/continent has to offer.

Charlotte Davis , 06/12/2019 11:44

French Lifestyle Greening Paris: The Eiffel Tower & Trocadero to host the city's largest garden

In recent years, Paris has been on a mission to become a greener, more pedestrian-friendly city. Click to find out more!

Paris Unlocked , 24/10/2019 10:28

Events Light up your week with Diwali

Diwali means "a row of lights". It’s a 5-day festival of joy and happiness. Learn more about this colourful and dynamic tradition with our blog!

TV5MONDE , 18/10/2019 14:22

Gastronomy An interview with Guy Martin, chef and presenter of Epicerie fine, terroirs gourmands

Michelin-star chef and owner of the restaurant Le Grand Véfour in Paris, Guy Martin uses his television show to introduce viewers to the French terroir, its products, and those who make them.

TV5MONDE , 10/10/2019 17:31

Gastronomy La Semaine du Goût 2019

La Semaine du Goût® 2019 is held in every October to promote the French gastronomy and culinary heritage. Click to discover more...

TV5MONDE , 08/10/2019 00:00

Fashion Paris Fashion Week 2019: What’s On at TV5MONDE

In commemorating this annual event in the fashion industry, TV5MONDE Asia Pacific presents its viewers with an array of shows on the very topic.

TV5MONDE , 25/09/2019 00:00

French Lifestyle An interview with Myriam Touzé, director of "Lubin, un parfumeur d'excellence"

From Marie-Antoinette to Grace Kelly, the French perfume house Lubin has gone down in history and left its mark on generations of wearers. Produced by Sonia Medina and directed by Myriam Touzé, the...

TV5MONDE , 13/09/2019 00:00

Culture A Foodie’s Guide to Vietnam - Where & What to Eat

Vietnam is home to some of the freshest and most delicious culinary flavours in the world. Picture the clearest beef broth you’ve ever seen, deep-fried spring rolls piled high and possibly the best...

Delilah Hart , 05/09/2019 00:00

Culture My 6 favorite places in South Korea

South Korea is a country that has attracted me for quite a while. I have indeed met many Korean friends, and they really made me wish to visit their country. After three years of wandering in Asia,...

Asian Wanderlust , 09/08/2019 00:00

Music & Entertainment An Interview with Cyril Féraud, the presenter of La carte aux trésors

The legendary French television show La Carte aux Trésors is making its grand entrance in August. This month, the larger-than-life adventure show takes viewers to discover four French regions...

TV5MONDE , 02/08/2019 03:00
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