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Gastronomy Mardi-Gras doughnuts

These doughnuts are ubiquitous in France during Mardi Gras (French Fat Tuesday)! Enjoy our recipe; we hope you will find them as succulent as we do!

TV5MONDE , 10/02/2016 05:00

Events Waitangi day and Waitangi village

New Zealand is a magic country and today they are celebrating Waitangi Day. Let yourself drift away with the Northland region and the historic Waitangi village.

TV5MONDE , 06/02/2016 06:00

Music & Entertainment 10 things you need to know about RBS 6 Nations Championship

Before you start watching the RBS 6 Nations Rugby Tournament on TV5MONDE Asia, read these 10 things that you absolutely have to know about! You could also learn some very useful French words about ...

TV5MONDE , 04/02/2016 05:00

Events Why do French people eat crêpes on February 2nd?

The word “Chandeleur” comes from “Chandelles”, literally Candles, which means the celebration of Candles... Learn more

TV5MONDE , 02/02/2016 00:00

French Lifestyle My French Melbourne: unexpected ways to Frenchify your everyday

Melbourne offers many opportunities to add a French touch to the usual life. Read this article to know how.

MyFrenchLife™ , 30/01/2016 05:00

Movie Le Grand Homme – Sarah Leonor

In February, you will be able to watch this story of friendship and loyalty between two men. Read the review from our partner Judith Prescott.

Judith Prescott , 27/01/2016 17:02

Events India Republic Day 2016

The French President François Hollande honored as the chief guest for India Republic Day 2016.

TV5MONDE , 26/01/2016 00:00

Events Australia Day is more than just a public holiday

Today is Australia Day! It is a very important day in the Australian culture. Here is a wonderful opportunity to discover the Australian people with their traditions as they everything that is Aust...

TV5MONDE , 26/01/2016 00:00

French Lifestyle Immersion France, try the new App

A digital innovation that enables you to choose the linguistic and touristic program that suits you best. Are you ready for an immersion? Biarritz? Paris? Bordeaux?

TV5MONDE , 25/01/2016 05:00

Fashion La Trésorerie in Paris, the pillar of home accessories stores

This shop will definitely be on your to-do list for your next trip to Paris. Discover more about it here and in the next episode of your Lifestyle program Tendance XXI.

TV5MONDE , 23/01/2016 05:00
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